How to Buy Probate Real Estate

Learn How to Get GREAT Deals - With LITTLE Competition - Using This Hidden Source of EXTREMELY Motivated Sellers!

Estate executors are some of the most motivated sellers that you'll run in to.

They're usually REQUIRED to sell a house as part of the estate. And they ALWAYS want the cash yesterday.

That's where YOU come in!

I'm Dennis Fassett. I've been chasing probate deals since the day I started real estate investing way back in 2004. It has been a TREMENDOUS source of deals for me - no matter what the real estate market was doing.

How great has this source been for me?

  1. 50%%%% of the rental houses in my portfolio came from probate leads
  2. 100%%%% of the wholesale deals that I've sold came from probate leads
  3. 50%%%% of my flips came from probate leads

Are you looking for a great source of motivated seller leads?

Are you tired of competing against everyone else in town for deals?

Then probate real estate is for you!

Chasing probates is a relatively simple process, and I go through it all in this course.

  • From finding the source of leads in your area
  • To Contacting the Sellers
  • To Looking at probate houses
  • To analyzing the deal
  • To negotiating with the executor
  • To closing the deal

This course is comprehensive! I don't hold anything back!

And as a bonus, I'm also including my six letter sequence AND my MS Excel lead tracking spreadsheet.

With these tools the process is PLUG and PLAY!

So don't delay! Enroll in this course and start chasing probate sellers TODAY!

Introduction to Probate Real Estate
Probate and the Probate Process
Why Chase Probate Deals?
How to Find Probate Leads in Your Area
Contacting the Executor of the Estate
The Property Visit
Analyzing the Numbers
Presenting Your Offer and Getting the Purchase Agreement Signed
The Closing Process

What's included

  • 9 Video Lessons

  • Works on all devices
  • Certificate of completion

Dennis Fassett